David Reynolds

Giving David Reynolds a microphone is like trying to predict who will win Bathurst this year… It’s impossible to know what will happen.

I quickly realised when talking to David there was no point trying to ask pre-prepared questions, it would be best to just follow his unpredictable tangents and go along with his complete honesty.

If you listen to this in a public place, be prepared to laugh out loud, especially when you hear some of his childhood stories.

Let’s just say it’s lucky David can steer because he couldn’t pass school.

Although our chat was not all fun and games.

Believe it or not David was lost for words when I told him something his parents did  for his career, which, he didn’t really know about.

David luckily won Formula Ford and Carrera Cup because otherwise he said he would have “quit the sport”.

And unless you already know, you’ll never guess what David does when he gets nervous.

Find out why David did the ‘Shoey’ and what happened when he had to do a ‘shoe change’.

Also find out why he left Kelly racing, who told him he had to ‘fight for his drive’ at the beginning of 2015 and what really happened with the ‘P-wagon’ incident.

And like a good session at the psychiatrist, I think David enjoyed getting it all off his chest.

So plug in those headphones and enjoy David’s story, it’s worth a listen.



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