Scott McLaughlin

Most driver’s can be summarised in two words.

Lee Holdsworth is the ‘nice guy’ and David Reynolds is the ‘class clown’ for example.

Scott’s two words are definitely ‘young gun’.

I found doing research for Scott’s interview harder than everyone else’s.

Definitely not for lack of achievements but for lack of experience.

All of the other boys have had years of karting and competing in other categories before they stepped into a Supercar (also giving me a lot more content to work with).

But Scott didn’t have that background.

He was the youngest person to ever race a Supercar and he had hardly any experience before Stone’s gave him a go.

And when you look at what else he has been able to achieve it’s quite unbelievable.

So plug in those headphones to hear what Scott did to earn enough points to compete in the Development Series and what happened in his first race weekend.

Also what he learnt from the infamous ‘Jandal’ incident and how influential Garry was in his career.

(if this link does not on your computer please search Helmets Off on your podcast app)


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