Welcome to Helmets Off

Hi everyone and welcome to Helmets Off.

Helmets off is a podcast created by myself, Lucy Slade.

In the series I will chat to drivers and other motorsport personalities about their careers, their families and their life.

It’s an open and honest conversation which reveals what goes on under the helmet.

It will give drivers a chance tell their own stories when they are relaxed and away from the track.

And it’s here to make that long flight or boring drive home from work a little more enjoyable.

I had the idea to create ‘Helmets Off’ at university last year.

As part of my journalism degree I had to create an original podcast for a niche market, so  I chose to do it on Supercars.

I  learnt how to produce radio by using professional equipment and editing techniques which I couldn’t wait to put into practice.

And now a little bit about myself.

If you haven’t already worked it out, I am also known as Tim Slade’s little sister.


I spent the first 10 years of my life staying at home while dad and Tim travelled around Australia competing in go-karts, Formula Ford and eventually the Development series.

Eventually when I was old enough and dad was needed less, I was allowed to come and finally see what all the fuss was about.

Even though a lot of the time it meant standing around at race tracks patiently waiting for dad, while he talked crap about motor racing to endless amounts of males over 50.

But I loved seeing different parts of the country and most of all I loved to watch the sport.

I’ve also met a lot of great people and heard so many incredible stories which I hope to bring out in this podcast series.

The podcast is available to download from the Podcast App by clicking on the link in the blog posts related to the episodes.

This is a project I have undertaken independently, so all questions, social media, blog posts are entirely create by myself.

Feel free to send any questions you would like me to ask your favourite personality!

And if you like it, don’t be afraid to share it with your friends!

Thanks in advance for listening,

Lucy x



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Helmets Off

  1. I think this is amazing!
    As a Karting Mum/ wife/ pitbitch, this is very cool. My son is a yr 12 with Aspergers, who is obsessed with supercars. He is setting himself up to study engineering, but lives for his karting. He is our motorsport Wikipedia 😂
    I’m sure Sam would be excited to talk with you , or share emails via our race page on Facebook.
    Best of luck to you,


    • Thank you Wendy! Glad you enjoyed it! I had a look at your Facebook page and what you are doing looks awesome! Would love to meet and talk to Sam. Are you going to Clipsal this weekend?
      Lucy x


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