Lee Holdsworth

Every sport has a nice guy and Lee Holdsworth certainly deserves the title in Supercars.

I could not have felt more welcome walking into Lee’s house, chatting to his wife Alana and 4- year-old daughter Ava, with new born Riley happily hanging out in the background.

As well as a solid family, motor racing has always been apart of Lee’s life but unlike other drivers, he wasn’t competing in the normal categories most Supercar drivers are bred from.

It wasn’t until Dick Johnston gave a young Lee some advice which set him on the career path to Supercars.

Since that day, Lee ran campaigns in Formula Ford and the Development series on a ‘shoe string budget’ before pestering Garry Rodgers enough for a drive.

Lee has now had 360 race starts in the category with many highs and lows over the years.

The highs including wins, pole positions and some great years of consistency.

But an unlucky decision left him fighting from the back for a few years.

Last year Lee found himself facing every drivers nightmare… Watching races from his living room instead of through a helmet and windscreen.

Lee’s crash at Darwin saw him, though no fault of his own, being slammed into a concrete wall, completely side on, at 170kms an hour.

Lee described it as a “a complete safety overlook by officials”and was left with some pretty serious injuries.

So plug in those headphones, connect your bluetooth and prepare for your next commute to go a lot quicker.

Here is my chat with Lee Holdsworth.

(You can listen by clicking on the link to iTunes below or by pressing play on the sound bar underneath the image).



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